Software Development

The choice of the right tool and methodology for a software development project is often the critical factor in determining whether the outcome is a success or failure.

CGMCC specializes in build-to-order customized software development, maintenance and consultancy services that are delivered on time, within budget, and that exceed their quality goals with a total customer-centric approach. We work with the latest technologies and architectures and apply years of strong technical expertise to ensure that software projects accomplish their software and business goals. Each member of our staff is a professional with a strong knowledge base and a robust skill set. They have the ability to be creative and flexible when devising solutions for complex and sophisticated projects.

CGMCC develops custom software to precisely fit our customer’s organizational requirements. From software design, software consultancy and architecture, to testing, implementation, and deployment, we have the knowledge and talent to produce reusable and maintainable solutions and to successfully design, develop, deploy, and support projects. With our unique combination of industry experience, project methodology and technology expertise we can integrate custom solutions into your business like no one else.

Using leading edge technologies such as Visual Studio .Net, C# in conjunction with relational databases, CGMCC consistently produces quality user accepted custom software that satisfies our clients requirements. CGMCC ensures our clients systems are up to date and on pace with ever changing technology.


CGMCC follows the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) methodology for process improvement. This approach insures that our organization has the essential elements of effective processes. CMMI helps us guarantee our software development lifecycle processes stay effective and efficient by constantly reviewing and improving the way we development business solutions.


Making it easier for people to connect with each other using an integrated portfolio of collaboration and communication services designed to connect people, information, processes, and systems both within and beyond the organizational firewall.

Mainframe Development and Legacy Migration

We can upgrade and migrate existing applications allowing your business to continue leveraging the benefits of an application that is already tailored to your needs.

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