• Decentralized Corporate Web Content Management
  • Consistent Look Across All Web Pages and Consistent Experience Across All Web Sites
  • All Published Content is Subject to Approval by Assigned Users
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Hierarchal Entities
  • Quick Reports (User, Submissions, Approvals, Content Uploads…)
  • Granular User Tracking (Tracking which user made changes)
  • Content Editing with Live Preview

Web Parts

Add text, pictures, videos, music, documents, calendars, photo albums and slideshows to your page by simply dragging and dropping.
Quickly add files, Blogs with RSS and Open Source Widgets (Wordpress, igoogle, etc.) to your design.
Add links to Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
Choose from multiple page layouts.

Custom Design

Choose from one of our professional designs, have us recreate your existing design in our environment, or have us build a custom design for you.


Decentralized content management removes the need for technical resources and places content design in the hands of end users.
All content is subject to approval by an assigned authority prior to being published.
Administrative broadcast across all or select pages.
Easily schedule when content will go live and when it will be removed from the site.
Users must create content within an established site structure and an administrator can limit the number of pages a user can create.
Generate audit reports on User Submissions, Approvals and Content uploads.


Pastiche was designed for use within the government's high security environment. It features secure servers, OpenID logins, cross-site scripting protection, SQL-Injection protection, CSRF protection.

For users, Pastiche provides granular user access which restricts content management to specific pages. Administrators can grant and revoke site permissions to individuals with a few simple clicks.


Pastiche is entirely web based solution. Content can be developed using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Data portability . Existing websites

Proven Industry Solution

The Pastiche system continues to be a reliable enterprise solution in numerous industries. It easily supports group web development in organizations of any size by empowering their end users.

  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit
  • Government
  • Education
  • Franchises
  • Banking
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement


  • No Additional Equipment Required
  • No Setup Cost
  • Nominal Design Fee for Custom Designs
  • Subscription Service

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